Rating System

As I learned with Silver Linings Playbook, it is possible to have a brilliant film that falls short of respecting the path set out by the original book. So, I have decided to trial a new rating system.

Each film will first be given a rating out of five, which assesses its stand-alone, cinematic merits. I will then continue to score each film out of five, in terms of how it compares to the original novel.

Both of these scores, when added together, should help to give each film a fairer rating out of ten. I will then continue to give my final opinion of which is better: Book or Big Screen?

Example of 'The Verdict':

How does the film rate? (Score out of 5)

How does the film rate as an adaptation? (Score out of 5)

1/5: The adaptation is almost incomparable to the original.
2/5: A fair adaptation, which lacks the exceptional qualities of the original.
3/5: A decent, credible, faithful adaptation.
4/5: A fine adaptation that maintains the original’s exceptional qualities.
5/5: An exceptional adaptation, which takes the original to a new level.

Total Score: (Score out of 10)

Then finally, Book or Big Screen?

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