October 26, 2011

Look’n great, Gatsby!

Sydney’s Daily Telegraph published a series of paparazzi photos today, from the set of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby.

The photos – which show Tobey Maguire and Joel Edgerton rehearsing in costume as well as Baz giving instructions – were taken at the site of an abandoned power station in Rozelle in Sydney.

Picture: Brad Hunter. Sourced from the Daily Telegraph
The site has been amazingly transformed into Long Island of the 1920’s, complete with newly constructed buildings, roads and hills, as well as period cars and railway carriages.

Clearly identifiable is the George B. Wilson Garage, which – as anyone who has read F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book will know – will be an important location in the film. And it looks great!

It will also be interesting to see the paparazzo shots of Leo on set, that are bound to eventually surface. I still imagine Jay Gatsby looking like a young Robert Redford, so I'm keen to see his new incarnation of the character. I can't wait! Bring on December 2012.

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