December 2, 2011

Getting to the bones of Temperance Brennan, in this month’s Femnista

Whenever a beloved literary character makes the transition to film or television, fans will inevitably make comparisons. Does the actor pull it off? Do their physical features match the author’s vivid descriptions?

Choosing the ‘right’ actor for these parts will always be difficult, because it is impossible to find one person that encapsulates everybody’s varying imaginations and perceptions.

When adapting Kathy Reich’s best-selling crime novels to the silver screen, the creators of the television series Bones took a completely different tact.

Rather than trying to cast the character of Dr Temperance Brennan, they took her name and career and did away with absolutely everything else that defined the character to readers.
This month, I’ve been fortunate to be involved in Femnista magazine. Its creator, the wonderful Charity from Charity’s Place, kindly allowed me to contribute an entire that focuses on comparing the qualities of these two unique characters.

I encourage you to check out Femnista – it is a fantastic publication that will appeal to anyone who loves stories and characters, irrespective of the medium or genre.

While we are on the topic of the adaptation of characters, can you think of any other instances when a well-loved literary character has been taken in an entirely new direction for the big (or small) screen?


  1. SO glad you wrote something for Femnista, Danielle! I loved reading about Bones - especially since I've been tempted to try the show for a couple of years now. =D

    Wonderful article!

  2. Thanks Rissi, it was a lot of fun, thanks for introducing me to it!

  3. Enjoyed your article and am glad you'll be writing more for me in the future! =)