November 13, 2011

Don’t judge a book by its movie cover #1

The film was based on the best-selling book, and now the book is sold with images of the adaptation emblazoned on its the cover. It’s an endless cycle of one capitalizing on the success of the other.

Here are some examples of original book covers, and the replacement movie poster versions. What are your views? Does the movie poster demonstrate what the book is all about? Does the new art do the original story justice? 


  1. Only one I've seen is "Other Boleyn Girl" (of the picks you have here). I am excited to see "One Day" in a couple of weeks though - even though I KNOW its ending - I just don't like sad stuff. =)

  2. So long as I don't have to see book covers for "Wuthering Heights" with "Edward & Bella's favorite book" stamped on them... I'm fine with it. =P

  3. The only one were I prefer the before cover is Maos.