November 17, 2011

Mixed Reviews: Breaking Dawn Part 1

In a previous post, I talked about film adaptations that can be viewed as completely unique works of art. Despite being based on a book, the strong cinematic qualities of these films mean everyone can enjoy them, whether they have read the book or not.

But let’s face it, not all films are like that. And not all films are supposed to be like that.

I used to get frustrated by haughty and self-important film reviewers, who would criticize the cinematic qualities of the Harry Potter series. These reviewers had never picked up a Harry Potter book in their lives, and wondered why they didn’t ‘get’ the films.

The Harry Potter series was not made to impress these reviewers in their ivory towers. The series was made entirely for the fans – so that they could see and hear and experience all over again the characters that they fell in love with while reading the books.

True, some of the minor characters in the book were a little under-developed, and some of the plotlines required a lot of assumed knowledge – but that’s how the fans want it. They don’t want to walk into The Goblet of Fire and be reminded about Harry’s history and how he came to be at Hogwarts – in the minds of fans, if you don’t know it already, you have no business seeing the film!

The Twilight series is another, more recent example. Sure, not everyone will enjoy the films, but not everyone has to. Clearly, the studios are making enough money that they can afford to only satisfy the fans.

The film was released in Australia at 12.01am last night and fans have been up ever since, catching as many cinema sessions as they can and bombarding web forums with their verdicts. Even though they may be just a little bit biased, we have established that the film is for them, so lets see what they think.

Nicole Helena says:
It was in one word: amazing. Kristen Stewart’s acting was A+. She showed so much emotion through out, it was unbelievable. It felt so real (sometimes I did feel like I was watching Robsten instead of Edward & Bella)… Breaking Dawn part 1 is the best one so far. (all though Twilight will always stay special to me)

Asja says:
Just got back from the theater and it was AWESOME!!!!! everything i hoped for...and more!!!! the only bad thing...well actually two bed things: 1. It was too short :( and....well...we need to wait another year to see the rest of it :((( everything else EPIC!!!

Emmy says:
Holy Lordy!!! I've just come out of the movie........ The BEST one yet by absolute far...... It's amazing....... Sooo damn good!!!!! Kristen did an amazing job and as did everyone and all the extra bits in the movie fitted perfectly!!! Omgoodness.... F-ing amazing!!!

Hamilton23 says:
Totally agree!!!!! I love love love Bella's wedding dress, especially the back! When the movie ended at the premiere in LA everyone in the theater (like 4000 people!) absolutely roared!!!! It was like BAM!!!!!! So amazing. Still gives me goosebumps remembering it. :)

Christinekinder84 says:
I'm in Australia it's 2.30am and I just got home from seeing BDP1 and I don't care what the critics say that movie was by far the best yet! I loved every minute of it and it lived up to all my expectation. I already can't wait for BDP2!

I think that says it all.

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  1. As an adaptation of the book, it was excellent, but as a movie it was rather mundane -- it felt a little anti-climatic and I honestly think it would have been better served as one film instead of two, given that the original book has so little plot!

  2. Yes, I agree Charity. It's clear that the motivations for splitting the book in two were purely financial.. Any film that shows a sequence chess games, and then a chess game within a dream, is somewhat lacking in content.

    I have to admit though, that I'm a Twilight fan - and I was satisfied by the film - why wouldn't I be, when the filmmakers had the capacity to explore ALL of the main character's neuroses?